What we do

RPA Consulting

Improving efficiency of your business’s productivity and processes by automating repetitive and complex tasks

RPA consulting services, we can help you identify automation opportunities and eliminate barriers to Robotic Process Automation

We implement our expertise in tools, including Another Monday, UiPath, Pega, Blue Prism, and other RPA development tools in building quick process automated systems.

Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation Consulting

We learn about your business process and identify if it needs Robotic Process Automation. If it requires, our Robotic Process Automation Consulting Experts prepare a document that states how Robotic Process Automation will help your business. Also, our report includes the impact, result and risk factors of the RPA implementation.

RPA Development

We design and develop intelligent applications using UiPath, Pega and other automation tools for process automation. Our RPA experts keep reiterating until the app becomes the best version of itself to help you in scaling business workflow with RPA implementation.

Automation Design

Our automation analysts identify intervention models to be applied in your system. We help you map manual processes that require automation. After designing automation architecture, we present you the designed automated model to get your feedback before the development starts.

Infrastructure & Automation Support

Once the organization has successfully implemented the RPA technology into their system, we further help them identify new business processes which can be automated with RPA bots. Our RPA team provides complete and ongoing support for your business efficiency management.

RPA Activities used in Business Processes

Customer Support Automation

With Robotic process automation, you can filter junk requests, enable self-service, ensure round-the-clock services and increase work productivity.

Marketing Automation

With RPA implementation on the marketing funnel and customer experience, you can carry out activities, including monitoring of statistics and automation of manual tasks such as market research and CRM updates and data integration between systems.

Financial and Accounting Automation

Robots automate invoice processing, ensuring accuracy and preventing mistakes. It processes invoices speedily and securely, resulting in more effective Finance & accounting workflow.

Claim Process Automation

RPA in insurance claim processes can eliminate the risks of manual inputs, disparate input media, legacy applications, regulation and compliance .

Accounts Payable Automation

The process of accounts billing gets delayed due to the complex tasks like non-standard invoicing, unstructured data, discrepancies & approvals. RPA can automate accounts payable process by automating purchase order creation, invoice capture and receipt and catalog management.

GUI Automation

Our GUI automation experts automate tedious tasks of screen scraping, automated testing, automated data entry, app integration and content migration via GUI controls recognition, GUI action recorder and the UI automation API.



    Agasthya has Developed Jobenrich in the year 2019 which is an company`s own project.It is an Bridge Between Corporates and Students.Jobenrich helps the student to get support from corporates for training and to Build their respective feilds of corporates

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    Agasthya is Ready to launch its own product Zurides very soon in 2020. it is an product used for booking an cab services through online.In zurides we can book a cab for outsation,rental and use cab service inside the city.

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    Abubus is an another Company`s own project.Here Agasthya is an online reservation transportation website. Here an individual can able to book the bus from various location through out india and here we provide the interface between an traveller and transport operator to book their bus and reach their Destination Safely and Happily.

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