What we do

IT Security

Industries across the globe are facing the heat- heat to innovate or perish, communicate with customers

we provide a wide range of managed IT security services spanning across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners.

small sized companies to big corporations, we provide managed IT security services to thousands of customers.

IT Security Services

IT organizations are becoming more dynamic as they govern, detect, assess and respond to today’s changing threat landscape. Using our Cyber Risk Management Centers, organizations can get access to the best security experts, processes and technologies. Integrated controls across our centers utilize disruptive, next-generation technologies to minimize risk, automate compliance, optimize security and ultimately enable their business



    Agasthya has Developed Jobenrich in the year 2019 which is an company`s own project.It is an Bridge Between Corporates and Students.Jobenrich helps the student to get support from corporates for training and to Build their respective feilds of corporates

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    Agasthya is Ready to launch its own product Zurides very soon in 2020. it is an product used for booking an cab services through online.In zurides we can book a cab for outsation,rental and use cab service inside the city.

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    Abubus is an another Company`s own project.Here Agasthya is an online reservation transportation website. Here an individual can able to book the bus from various location through out india and here we provide the interface between an traveller and transport operator to book their bus and reach their Destination Safely and Happily.

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