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We focused on providing high end services and true value to its customers

IoT and Artificial Intelligence are the keys to digitize the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing software companies are transforming the workflow of business operations execution

Technology is surging ahead at a rapid pace and brings with it many advantages. Agasthya is your trusted partner as we’re here to help you leverage the automation, AI, IoT, cognitive computing and all the benefits that come with Industry 4.0. We assist manufacturers in accelerating their business value with intelligent applications.

Custom Manufacturing Software Development

We assist manufacturers in accelerating their business value with intelligent applications.

Automate for greater efficiency

Automate production processes with custom apps to get the highest levels of efficiency.

Improve information flow

Improve the flow of information, and through it, the coordination between different departments, with solutions built just for you.

Reduce operational cost

Use new technologies and ideas like machine learning, computer vision to cut down operational costs.

Manufacturing Software Development Services

Demand Forecast

Applying machine learning to market data, sales trends and product specifications to predict future sales accurately than traditional prediction methods. We build prediction-based systems that help companies grow in new market segments based on the sales prediction.

Quality Management

The quality of products can be modeled based on data about materials collected using Computer Vision and Machine Learning. A good AI model for manufacturing reduces the cost of inspections and saves time by only examining higher risk areas. By visualizing models, warnings can be predicted much earlier, enhancing the overall yield.

Smart Products

IoT technology has now connected almost every device to the internet, offering value-added services. By leveraging AI-based models, we develop smart products that learn from historical data analysis, enabling systems to enhance and execute faster than before.

Predictive Maintenance

AI-based apps built by our team predict the equipment failure signs before they even occur. Understanding the historical data, including vibration level, electrical current and sound created by the equipment, our team builds highly-accurate models to enhance maintenance operations. Insights generated by AI apps improve effectiveness while slashing maintenance costs.

Research & Development

Research & Development are essential for manufacturing. Any organization that transforms through R&D is expected to lead the market. Implementing AI in Manufacturing can enhance a multitude of R&D methods. When AI is applied to the R&D process, it can speed up the prototype and product development by identifying the materials for the final product and prototype parts that are likely to fail and enabling product data exploration and discovery.



    Agasthya has Developed Jobenrich in the year 2019 which is an company`s own project.It is an Bridge Between Corporates and Students.Jobenrich helps the student to get support from corporates for training and to Build their respective feilds of corporates

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    Agasthya is Ready to launch its own product Zurides very soon in 2020. it is an product used for booking an cab services through online.In zurides we can book a cab for outsation,rental and use cab service inside the city.

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    Abubus is an another Company`s own project.Here Agasthya is an online reservation transportation website. Here an individual can able to book the bus from various location through out india and here we provide the interface between an traveller and transport operator to book their bus and reach their Destination Safely and Happily.

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