What we do


We focused on providing high end services and true value to its customers

Live classrooms via video streaming, remote monitoring, greater flexibility, and improved information retention with reduced costs are encouraging educational institutes to switch from traditional learning to adopt Education Solutions

We develop customized and end-to-end Edcation Apps for educational institutions around the world

Platform for Learning and Teaching

• Collaborative Education

• Fully Configurable LMS Platforms

• Adaptive Learning Engines

Interactive Learning Experiences

• AR/VR Solutions

• Cross-Platform Interactive Content Development

• Mobile Learning

Data Analytics for Educational Institutions

• Predictive Analytics and Reporting

• Data Processing

• Customizable Content Engineering

Our Development Services

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting management Software

We build edtech software that can help educational institutes track students’ and teachers’ performance along with all activity data. The software produces powerful insights to improve the productivity.

Staff/Teacher Management software

We develop staff management systems that help institutions manage faculty’s schedule and staff attendance, send class reminders to staff, provide the syllabus for a specific grade and manage leaves.

Real-time Collaboration and Video Communication

We develop WebRTC-based highly customizable scheduling and virtual meeting solution for e-learning, corporate training, online assessments and group collaboration.

Educational App Development

We use technologies, including React Native and Xamarin to build interactive and student-friendly mobile apps that comprise various innovative features such as video-calling, live classrooms and animated graphics for better learning.

Content Creation and Management Software

We develop a robust content management system that allows faculties and admins to upload a wide array of content, including videos, images, animated graphics, GIFs and audio. Using interactive plugins, faculties can upload content in different forms.

LMS Integration and Customization

We integrate third-party applications or tools, including virtual classroom, voice-based communication and digital blackboards to improve students’ learning experience.

Remote Proctoring

We build the next-generation assessment and remote proctoring solutions that can integrate with your learning management systems (LMS) seamlessly.Our assessment and grading software services include the development of online test app, biometric security solutions and web-based mock test applications.

VR/AR-enabled Education solutions

Our capabilities with VR/AR technology opens doors for new opportunities in the education sector. We use this technology for highly customized recognition and realistic behavior in real-time collaboration and virtual learning. We use computer vision paired with machine learning to build virtual environments.



    Agasthya has Developed Jobenrich in the year 2019 which is an company`s own project.It is an Bridge Between Corporates and Students.Jobenrich helps the student to get support from corporates for training and to Build their respective feilds of corporates

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    Agasthya is Ready to launch its own product Zurides very soon in 2020. it is an product used for booking an cab services through online.In zurides we can book a cab for outsation,rental and use cab service inside the city.

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    Abubus is an another Company`s own project.Here Agasthya is an online reservation transportation website. Here an individual can able to book the bus from various location through out india and here we provide the interface between an traveller and transport operator to book their bus and reach their Destination Safely and Happily.

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