Take up a fulfilling project. Practice yoga. Learn from executive leadership. Build a Global Network. Participate in a hackathon. Welcome to an internship where you have the best of both worlds.


Flagship internship program of Agasthya

Fast facts

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Why Intern @ Agasthya

Work on a real-time project, experience cultural diversity, bring your ideas to life, and discover India with us.

Follow your dream

Select a dream assignment you wish to work on, including artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security, IoT, cloud computing, and sustainability

Experience the cutting edge of technology

Seize the opportunity to work on a live project in new and emerging technologies such as machine learning and robotic process automation.

The finest internship experience

The Agasthya Internship internship program is the No 1 internship in the world, ranked by Vault 2019.

Business meets technology

Be mentored by Agasthya leaders during your assignments and network with management and technology stars from the top 10+ universities.

Create Intellectual Property

Collaborate on projects for patents, research publications, IDFs (invention disclosure forms) and more.

Flexible program

Internship is a year-round program, allowing you to commence your internship based on the schedule of your academic calendar.

Experience the diversity of India

Work on real-time projects, live on lush green campuses of Agasthya, try different cuisines in our food courts and travel India with friends over the weekends.